Official Registry of Idiots in the U.S.
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Names of Current Registrants

If your name appears below, you have been identified as a politician or public figure who has encouraged the creation of, or who refuses to denounce, government registration websites that target citizens for harassment. To have your name removed from this list, please send an email to Staff @SafeStreetsArts.



org  stating your opposition to these government registries. In the tradition of Nazi registration of Jews and Gypsies and the creation in Salem of lists of alleged witches, these modern government registries we oppose are unfair and un-American.  They seek to punish citizens, many of whom have been falsely accused or improperly convicted of violating minor sex- or drug-related laws, after those citizens have paid their debt to society.  (Please send us the names of people to list as idiots, along with their home and work addresses that we will publish. Please also furnish missing addresses below. We also encourage you to  create and post flyers near the homes and workplaces of these registrants  to warn others of the proximity of these dangerous idiots near them. Click here to see sample flyer.)

Sarah Meharg
Meri Jane McCracken-Woods of Clymer PA
Risa Sugarman, 80 South Swan St., Albany, NY 12210

Jay Wilson, 900 Paradise Ln, Smithville, MO 64089
Valerie Parkhurst, 6230 SW 38th St, Davie, FL 33314
Vince Gray (D) 2619 Branch Ave SE, Washington, DC
Muriel Bowser, 515 Oglethorpe St. NE, Washington, DC
Jack Evans, 3141 P St. NW, Washington, DC
Vincent Orange, 1540 Taylor St. NW, Washington, DC (D)
Anas "Andy" Shallal. 1831 Kalorama St. NW, Washington, DC (D) -
Tommy Wells, 5016 12 St NE, Washington, DC
David Catania, 2122 Newport Pl., Washington, DC
Anita Bonds, 202 Bates SNW, Washington, DC
Eleanor Holmes Norton, 1511 19th St. SE, Apt. 202, Washington, DC
Yvette Alexander, 3442 Highwood Dr, Washington, DC

James Sensenbrenner, 120 Bishops Way #154, Brookfield, WI 53005
LaDonna Cantrell, 9623 Cumberland Road, Pound, VA 24279
Darrin Sobin, 1461 Nieman Rd, Shady Side, MD 20764 and 955 26th St NW, Apt 203, Washington, DC
Mylene Montes Sobin, 1461 Nieman Rd, Shady Side, MD 20764 and 955 26th St NW, Apt 203, Washington, DC
Teague Sobin, 20 Almy St, Newport, RI 02840
Ashley Sobin, 20 Almy St, Newport, RI 02840
Judy Sobin, 748 Kalanipuu St, Honolulu, HI 96825
Franklin Burgess
John  Campbell
Russell F. Canan, 3811 Alton Place NW
William Jackson
John McCabe
William Nooter
Marc Feldman
John F. Walter
Jay Nixon
Wilson Nixon
 Laura Ahearn
 John Banzha
 Robert Giles
 David Gorcyca
 Deborah Tyner
 Rick Jones
 Kayli Craig
Diane Stumph
 Diego M. Bernal
 Ivy R. Taylor
 Rebecca J. Viagran
 Rey Saldana
 Shirley Gonzales
 Ray Lopez
 Cris Medina
 Ron Nirenberg
 Joe Krier
 Michael Gallagher
 Suzie Morgan Debolt
 Jon Bruning
 Carol Blood
 Pete Pirsch
 Scott Lautenbaugh
 Dave Heineman
 Tim Dunning
 Andrew Berkshire
 Donald O. Burnette
 John Walsh
 Mark Lunsford
 Mike Kelley
 Timothy Jones
 Dr. David Heffler
 Valerie Parkhurst
 Robert Warren Attridge Jr
 Andrew Cuomo
 Greg Banks
 Michael Sheetz
 Tony Rackaucka
 Bill O'Reilly
 Rick Snyder
 Lisa Madigan


Donna Zink










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