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Here at you will find the names of politicians and public figures who have encouraged the creation of, or have refused to denounce, government registration websites that target citizens for harassment. Also included among registrants on are the government functionaries who perform the day-to-day tasks of maintaining government registries. In the tradition of Nazi registration of Jews and Gypsies and the Salem lists of alleged witches, modern government registries are unfair and un-American.  They seek to punish citizens, many of whom have been falsely accused or improperly convicted of violating minor sex- or drug-related laws, by placing them on website registries after those citizens have paid their debt to society. If you know of anyone who has helped to create or is employed to maintain government registries that target citizens for harassment, please let us know and we will  register them as idiots and add their names to this list. You can email names to The has been upheld in court as legal and constitutional in a landmark decision by DC Superior Court Judge Todd E. Edelman. (Read the Court's Ruling and also see the two Washington Post articles about this precedent-setting case, one published before the decisive court hearing and the other published after the court rendered its decision.) Also read the winning brief filed in this case by Dennis Sobin, director of Safe Streets Arts Foundation ( (The other winning brief in support of the Idiots Registry was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.) The Idiots registry is made possible by the Sobin Sperm Bank and your tax-deductible donations. Thank you.

When Margaret "Asshole Aimie" Iremiren is not picking her nose her sexphobia causes her to pick on registered citizens. She has been sued in Federal court for this and stripped of her title of court-appointed guardian title, citing violations of due process and false imprisonment. (click underlined text for supporting court documentation)

Steven "Pea Brain" Bourque at a Neo Nazi convention. His participation and costume speak for themselves. A Rochester, NH, police spokesperson has commented, "It is not our concern what this police officer does off the job, or on the job for that matter."

Taking pride in her Southern community heritage of bigotry, Valerie Parker wears traditional uniform of hatred and vigilantism (photo authenticity verified by registrar Dennis Sobin)

Face of Evil: “Registry Specialist" Stephanie Gray shoots icy stare (Update: Gray requested and received a transfer due to the guilt she felt in her loathsome job. She was replaced by Daniel Kelly and Leonard Dunning.

Information to Destroy: Stephanie
Gray pumps one of her victims

The Adventures of Silicone Sally is an animated R-rated video series that satirizes government sex registries and the hypocrisy of mainstream politicians. Click here to view an episode.

Act of Belittlement: Yolanda "Cesspool Cunt"  Stokes has a reputation for mocking her victims

I il

Rare photo of vigilante Valerie "Dry Pussy" Parkhust without  white sheet covering her face that hides her aging, hate-filled features and lip deformity (photo authenticated by Martin J. Little Sr.)

"Pretty Boy" Morrison of CSOSA  wryly smiles as he talks about the evil and injustice he oversees

Watching a victim plead for mercey, "Pretty Boy" Morrison of CSOSA pretends he cares about returning citizens but cripples them

 Path of Destruction: Stephanie Gray leads her victim to her cubicle

Yolanda "Cesspool Cunt"  Stokes needlessly interrogates a returning citizen.

 Arrogant, self-serving DC Bar Attorney Darrin Sobin tried unsuccessfully to evict a registered citizen from public housing

Michael "Fatty" Munday at a Neo Nazi convention. His participation and costume speak for themselves. A Rochester, NH, police spokesperson has commented, "It is not our concern what this police officer does off the job, or on the job for that matter."

Sadistic “Registration Specialist” Yolanda Stokes (aka, Aunt Jemima) attacks
one of her victims

John F. Clark, CEO of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), says "I'm no fan of Nazis but admire them for originating registries of undesirable citizens." 

Leonard "Fat Man" Dunning likes stepping on returning citizens

Returning from a personal errand on government time, Leonard "Fat Man" Dunning is anxious to hurt more people

Edmond "Limp Dick"Pears got his high-paying job by hurting returning citizens

Keeping an eye on career advancement rather than compassionate justice, Edmond "Limp Dick"Pears talks like a Nazi.

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